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KGLY's parent organization, Encouragement FM, is a member in good standing of the

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About KGLY

KGLY is a Christian radio station committed to reaching East Texas with quality Christian music, programs, features, and local news and information. The format consists of light, adult contemporary Christian music laced with carefully selected , Bible-centered programs and features. Our primary target audience is “empty nesters” from ages 45 to 65. KGLY can be heard on 91.3 FM in East Texas.

KGLY is a listener-supported station that exists primarily to encourage followers of Jesus Christ in their personal walk of faith. That encouragement is delivered through:

  • Sharing from God’s Word
  • Offering hope and healthy insights to hurting people
  • Demonstrating a spirit of Christian unity in everything we do
  • Fostering healthy relationships in the Christian community and beyond
  • Strengthening the family
  • Addressing issues of importance to the communities we serve

KGLY is licensed to the Educational Radio Foundation of East Texas (ERFET), which does business as “Encouragement FM.” ERFET is a non-profit, 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization that operates under the leadership of a Board of Directors, which meets regularly to offer wisdom and guidance to the stations.

KGLY is staffed with career, professional communicators who strive to maintain a high standard of integrity and excellence in Christian broadcasting.

KGLY’s effectiveness is, obviously, a gift from God. But the station’s strength is by design:


Because our corporate parent, Encouragement FM, is a non-profit organization, we can re-invest surplus funds into the ministry.  Being a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation also means that we are tax exempt, and that means your contributions to KGLY are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Being non-profit also means that KGLY has no owners. We are an independent organization, not affiliated with any single denomination or ministry.

Commercial Free

As a non-commercial radio station, KGLY is free of advertising messages that distract from our purpose of broadcasting Christian music, teaching, and encouragement. If the station was commercial, thousands of hours of ministry would have been crowded out by commercials over the course of the past 20 years. Despite our commercial-free status, we are allowed to express our gratitude on the air to the businesses and churches that support us.

Board Led

KGLY is operated through a voluntary board of directors who serve on rotating terms. This structure provides the station with strong community-wide leadership and a regular infusion of new ideas and perspectives.