Want to Stay Married? Green Acres Marriage Seminars are FREE

Starts Sun September 14 at 5:30, and runs 10 weeks. YOU CAN DO THIS! Couples who seek marital counseling stand a much greater chance at a long lasting relationship. Build upon your marriage, and form friendships with other couples who are in the same place in life. “Nearly Newlyweds”: For engaged couples and those married less than two years. “Happily Even …

You Are Awesome (Men)

Here’s the link to the piece we ran for guys! You are awesome!  http://youtu.be/CCYpmcgnSzI  

You Are Awesome (Ladies)

Ladies: Here’s the link for the “You Are Awesome” piece heard on KVNE. And remember… YOU ARE AWESOME! http://youtu.be/uWi5iXnguTU