Director of Marketing & Community Connections

Job Description

Reports to:  EFM President/CEO


The Ability to Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Others

First and foremost, the Director of Community Connections must be able to effectively minister and communicate to listeners and others in the community the heart of what it means to follow Jesus Christ wholeheartedly.  This must come, not simply from head knowledge, but from a vibrant and active daily walk with Jesus Christ as personal Savior.

Additionally, the Director of Community Connections will develop and execute the Brand Strategy for the ministry – including promotions, community connections, social media, ministry partnerships, and station event-marketing opportunities.  Must have an ability to translate ideas into actionable plans that work across all media:  radio, social, digital, outdoor, print and video.


  • Meet with the President/CEO on a weekly basis to provide financial, personnel and ministry updates and keep him apprised of any significant issues, challenges or opportunities.
  • Meet with the President/CEO and the leadership team on an annual basis to develop the strategic plan for the ministry.
  • As a Director, provide leadership in weekly staff meetings.
  • Lead staff prayer times and lead devotion times on occasion, based on the Holy Bible.
  • Responsible for leading Community Connections team and volunteers.
  • Provide the President/CEO with a written monthly report of key activities.

Community Involvement/Ministry Partnerships

  • Develop strategic plan, marketing and branding surrounding EFM mission outreach initiatives.
  • Develop strategic relationships with key local ministries for strengthening our impact in the community, with the goal of connecting our community and pointing people to Jesus Christ.
  • Be the gatekeeper for the ministry in determining which ministries we partner with, ensuring that they share our biblical values and agree with our statement of faith.
  • Conduct regular meetings to share our vision with churches, schools, chambers of commerce, ministerial alliances and civic leaders.
  • Responsible for Church and Ministry Relations – strengthen relationships and explore potential church and ministry partnerships.
  • Develop ongoing and annual promotions and events geared specifically at church relations, i.e. Pastor Appreciation Dinner.
  • Build partnerships with church, civic and community leaders – including Hispanic and African-American communities.

Prayer Ministry

  • Develop and implement strategies to engage our listeners, volunteers and board members in prayer – utilizing social media, our prayer room, prayer stops and other means as needed.
  • Direct all Prayer Ministry initiatives.

Volunteer Ministry

  • Vetting of all volunteers according to ministry policy.
  • Constantly assess the effectiveness of volunteer ministry.
  • Direct volunteer initiatives related to our ministry.
  • Connect listeners in need with local ministries who can help them.


  • Effectively manage the Encouragement FM brands – on-air (working alongside the Program Director), print, video and web and social media.
  • Maximize synergies between on-air, web, digital and social media.
  • Expand co-branding opportunities between our stations.
  • Partner with President and Director of Development in sharing the EFM story when attempting to secure funds for general operations, sponsorships and grants.
  • Develop printed, audio and visual collateral for consistent messaging of the EFM story for use within community, network and industry.


  • Develop and implement a strategic plan for sharing the KVNE/KGLY story with listeners, donors and potential listeners through radio, print, video, web, email and social.
  • Sharing listener life-change stories that highlight the impact that this ministry has made on listener’s lives across various media channels.
  • Must effectively use storytelling to highlight the impact that our community outreach projects have in the lives of those to whom we are ministering. 


  • Create and develop promotional/marketing campaigns to deepen relationships with listeners, impact our community for Jesus Christ and result in more people listening to the stations.
  • Implement grass roots marketing efforts at the local level.
  • Create and facilitate an ongoing email marketing effort.
  • Budget for and purchase strategic promotional items with our station logos for distribution at events.
  • Order and maintain all station appearance displays and provide station giveaways.
  • Create and order all station team member’s apparel, making sure we are appropriately coordinated for each event.
  • Develop a “welcome kit” for new listeners/donors.

Billboard Marketing

  • Provide daily billboard messages for our ministry-owned digital billboard.  These should encourage people to listen to the stations, participate in our community outreach projects and point them to Jesus through use of scripture.
  • Develop creative billboard campaigns that catch attention and increase the number of people listening to our station.
  • Ensure that all billboard content is clear, eye catching, easy to read quickly, encouraging, biblically sound, fun, grammatically correct and points people to Jesus. 
  • Make outdoor (billboard) “buys” with local billboard companies to ensure that the KVNE message is widespread around East Texas, particularly at Christmastime and New Year’s.

Concerts, Conferences, Community Events & Station Broadcasts

  • Determine which concerts, conferences and events we should be a part of and ensure that KVNE and KGLY receive appropriate marketing opportunities prior to the event and at the event itself.
  • Enter into partnerships/written paid and unpaid contracts with non-profit ministries and for-profit promoters, while keeping this ministry’s best interests at the forefront.  This includes ensuring that our ministry abides by all FCC and governmental regulations.
  • Ensure that KVNE and KGLY are well represented at ministry events, community events, and station-sponsored concerts.
  • Responsible for staffing, overall look and marketing presentation at events.

Social Media/Blogging

  • Develop strategy for using social media to expand the reach of this ministry and point more people to Jesus. 
  • Manage and direct all social media content.
  • Ensure that all social content is encouraging, biblically sound, fun, grammatically correct and points people to Jesus.
  • Oversee all station blogs and blogging strategies

Inter-Office Communication/On-Air Promotion

  • Communicate all needed information regarding concerts, events, promotions and marketing campaigns to Program Director and staff. 
  • Ensure that information is accurate, clear and posted effectively and in a timely manner. 
  • Work in conjunction with the Program Director, Air Staff and “traffic scheduling” to ensure that all outreach projects, concerts, remote broadcasts, events receive effective on-air promotion.

Public Relations

  • Enhance station image and visibility within the community and provide influence that creates publicity within the market, in order to attract more listeners.
  • Develop effective press releases and media strategy that facilitates increased positive media coverage.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with local press and other media.
  • Serve as spokesperson for the ministry to community media partners and community groups.
  • Coordinate and give tours of this facility to individuals and groups that request it.


  • Oversee direction of the ministry web sites, giving marketing direction to increase the footprint of this ministry and deepen relationships with our listeners.
  • Responsible for managing the content to ensure that it is up-to-date and achieves marketing/donor objectives.


  • Work with team to achieve great digital content on an easy to use platform.
  • Look for new and creative ways to achieve a wider audience.


  • Strategic planning to ensure that marketing and community outreach objectives are placed in the annual budget and with sufficient funding to achieve objectives.
  • Exercise good stewardship by staying within annual budget and providing receipt documentation in a timely manner.


  • Every team member is involved in fundraising and this department works closely with the Development department to ensure we are firing on all cylinders. 
  • Calling donors to thank them for their gift and asking if they have any prayer needs – and actually praying for their prayer need while on the phone with them.
  • Playing an active role during our PraiseShare fundraisers, whether it’s on-air or behind the scenes.

Usage of Community Outreach Room/Prayer Room/Conference Room

  • Be the point person/gatekeeper to determine which ministries can use our facilities, ensuring that they abide by our policies, partner with our ministry on-air, and agree with our statement of faith.

Event Planning

  • Work with Development Department to ensure that donor events/staff events are done with excellence…from décor, to food, and event themes.

Continuing Professional Improvement

  • Attend annual CMB Momentum conference, as well as other leadership meetings as needed.
  • Constantly seeking learning opportunities from other stations, CMB forums,
  • seminars, webinars, classes, and conferences pertaining to ministry/industry growth, as needed.
  • Stay informed of developments in marketing, communications, radio, digital media in order to operate with innovation.

Other Responsibilities

  • Assist with other duties as requested by the President/CEO.

Ministry Qualifications

  • A born-again believer of Jesus Christ with a strong and growing walk with the Lord (Romans 3:23Romans 6:23Romans 5:8Romans 10:13Romans 10:9-10)
  • A heart for service, with Jesus Christ serving as our example (John 13:1-17)
  • Committed to uphold and integrate the KVNE/KGLY model of pointing people to Jesus as a core process and belief.  This includes communicating the heart of the Gospel while with listeners in person, by phone, social media, letter or other form of communication. (Mark 16:15Psalm 96:3)
  • Willingness and eagerness to pray to God the Father, through His Son Jesus Christ, verbally (out loud) for and with fellow staff members, listeners and people in the community.
  • Ability to answer basic questions about the Christian faith and explain to someone how they can become a Christ-follower
  • Agreement with and a willingness to hold to the KVNE/KGLY Statement of Faith in both belief and practice
  • Willing and committed to hold to the policies described in our employee manual
  • Willing and able to lead and participate in required staff prayer times and Bible-based devotionals in the context of our beliefs as outlined in our Statement of Faith
  • Commitment to be active in a local Bible-believing church, recognizing the importance of such a commitment. (Hebrews 10:25I Timothy 5:17)