Family Friendly Road Trip Tips

Carrie Parsons
91.3 KGLY Early Afternoons

When I was a kid we’d go on a road trip every summer. It was something our family really looked forward to. My two brothers and I were so excited to get on the road! Once we piled into that back seat it was “I’m bored,” or “I’m hungry,” or “Are we almost there?”

To cure their boredom, my brothers thought it was hilarious to try and sit on me and tickle me until I cried. I was outnumbered to be sure.

Our poor mom! She used that time-honored tradition of threatening to “turn this car around if you can’t settle down back there!”

Though her words were enough to straighten us up for a few miles, it was soon back to the “shenanigans,” as she called them. She never did turn the car around, and although my brothers ganged up on me, now I’m thankful we all spent time together before the business of fall started.

It’s nearing the end of summer, but there’s still time for a road trip before school starts.

Here are some ideas to make your trip a little easier!