91.3 KGLY Road Trips

91.3 KGLY East Texas Christian Radio Road Trips in the communityAs a part of our ministry and as a way to connect our listeners to ministries, we are honored to provide 91.3 KGLY Road Trips with my friend Fletch.

If your ministry, church or non-profit is having a unique event and would love some additional promotion, invite KGLY to be a part of your event.  We bring the excitement, giveaways and live reporting! Road Trips are designed to appeal to our listening audience all over East Texas. fletch rt v4k cropped

Unfortunately, we are not able to attend fundraising event for individuals and families.

The Community Connections Department will review your Road Trip Application.

Please note that completion of this form will NOT put your event on our Event Calendar. To submit your event on our calendar, please click here.


91.3 KGLY Road Trip Application

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If you do not hear from someone by the end of the month prior to your event, please reach out to My Friend Fletch at [email protected] We want to serve you as best as we can. Sometimes we need your help to do that.