91.3 KGLY Volunteer Crew

What is the Volunteer Crew?

The 91.3 KGLY Volunteer Crew is a group of individuals who love this ministry and want to share their talents and gifts to work for God’s glory.

What are the requirements to join?

What are some ways I can volunteer?

  • Connector.

    Road Trip Crew

    Assist at the KGLY booth at various events, including Prayer Stations, concerts, festivals and other community events!

  • Connector.

    Prayer Crew

    You can meet in our Community Prayer Room to pray for all prayer requests that have come to our ministry. A handwritten note will then be sent to that person letting them know people are praying for them.

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    Office/Admin Crew

    We send more than 1,000 birthday cards every month and each is hand-addressed. We often need help assembling promo bags for group tours, among other miscellaneous needs.